7 Common Habits That Actually Damage My Brain

And Maybe Yours Too

Aeyrel Twone
4 min readAug 1, 2023
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Consuming Too Much Negative News

There are days when it seems like all the news out there is nothing but a downer. And guess what? It’s okay to take a break from it all! When I feel that anxiety starting to creep up on me, I make a conscious choice to turn off the news. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Instead, I try to focus on the positive things happening around me. Maybe it’s that heartwarming story about someone doing something kind for others, or just spending time with loved ones — those little moments can make a big difference. So, don’t let the negative news drag you down! Take a breather and surround yourself with positivity. You’ve got this!

Social Isolation

You know, ever since Covid 19 hit, going out in public feels like a tricky decision. Social isolation is a real concern, and it can take a toll on us. I’ve noticed that when I don’t interact with others, it’s like my brain goes on vacation! So, finding that balance between staying safe and staying connected is important.

I’ve been trying to be cautious but also make an effort to connect with friends and family in safe ways. Whether it’s through video calls or outdoor meetups, it really helps to keep those brain cells buzzing! Plus, it’s good for our mental well-being too. So, let’s stay smart, stay safe, and stay social, even if it’s in new and creative ways!

Blasting Your Headphones On Full Volume

It’s crazy how we can jam to our favorite tunes all day long these days, right? But hey, we gotta take care of our ears too! I’ve noticed that blasting music at high volume can lead to some not-so-fun stuff like hearing loss, headaches, and migraines. Ouch!

But don’t worry, I’m not saying we should stop grooving to our music altogether. Nah, just a little adjustment needed — let’s turn that volume down a notch. We can still enjoy our beats without putting our ears through the wringer. So, rock on, but let’s do it responsibly and keep the volume at a chill level.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Bad sleep can mess with your head big time! It’s like a domino effect — memory goes wonky, mood takes a dive, and anxiety creeps in like an uninvited guest. Not cool!

So, here’s the deal — we gotta make sleep a priority and keep it consistent. None of this sleeping a few hours here and there nonsense. Nah, we need a solid snooze game. Let’s aim for those z’s like our well-being depends on it, ’cause, well, it kinda does! So, grab your cozy blankets and find that sweet spot for a good night’s rest. Your brain will thank you!

Consuming Too Much Sugar

Okay, so we all know sugar isn’t exactly the healthiest thing on the block, right? But did you know it can do some serious damage to your brain too? Yeah, it’s true! Too much of that sweet stuff can mess with your brainpower and learning mojo.

Like, some studies even suggest that hanging out with sugar for too long could lead to some gnarly neurological issues. Not cool, sugar, not cool at all! So, let’s keep an eye on our sugar intake and treat our brains to some healthier snacks. Your brain will thank you for it!

Too Much Screen Time

Screens are like our BFFs these days, always hanging around wherever we go. But ya know what? Sometimes, we can go overboard with our screen time, and it’s not doing us any favors. Headaches, sleepless nights, and eye strain are no fun, trust me!

I get it, we need screens for work and stuff, but let’s be smart about it, alright? How ‘bout we schedule some good ol’ screen-free time during the day? It’s like a mini vacation for our eyes and brains. So, let’s give those peepers a break and have some tech-free moments to live our best lives!

Barely Moving Throughout The Day

Moving our bodies is the name of the game. Whether it’s a chill stroll around the block or an intense gym sesh, getting that body in motion is what it’s all about. Trust me, it’s the secret sauce to staying healthy and feeling great. So, let’s make sure we’re groovin’ and movin’ every single day! Your future self will thank you big time!



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