“Leave it to Me..”

“Just breathe, trust Me”

Aeyrel Twone
3 min readAug 21, 2023
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There have been moments in my life when I felt utterly overwhelmed, like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

During those times, it was as if God Himself whispered to me, “Leave it to Me.”

I’ve come to realize that my exhaustion often stems from a stubborn desire to control everything, instead of trusting in a higher power.

It’s like I have this deep-seated need to micromanage every aspect of my life.

I’d obsess over the smallest details, trying to orchestrate outcomes according to my plan.

But the more I clung to this illusion of control, the more tired and frustrated I became.

I remember one particularly trying period when I was facing an avalanche of challenges — work stress, financial woes, and personal struggles.

I was desperately trying to control every aspect of my life, thinking that if I held onto the reins tightly enough, I could navigate the storm.

But the more I tried to control, the more chaotic things became.

Then, one evening, as I sat alone, my heart heavy with worry, a sense of peace washed over me.

It was as if God gently reminded me that I didn’t have to bear this burden alone.

He whispered to me through a quiet intuition that said, “Leave it to Me.”

At that moment, I decided to let go.

I released my grip on the worries that had been consuming me.

I surrendered my need to control every outcome and placed my trust in a higher power.

It felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I realized that I didn’t have to carry the load alone.

In the days that followed, I began to see subtle shifts in my life.

Doors that had been tightly shut started to crack open.

Solutions to problems I thought were insurmountable began to reveal themselves.

It was as if God was saying, “I’ve got this. You just need to have faith.”

As I continued to leave my worries in God’s hands, I found a deep sense of solace.

It didn’t mean that all my problems vanished overnight, but it did mean that I had an unwavering source of support to lean on.

I felt guided, protected, and loved in a way that was profoundly comforting.

Through this experience, I learned that there’s tremendous strength in surrender.

It’s not a sign of weakness but a recognition that we don’t have to carry life’s burdens alone.

When God says, “Leave it to Me,” He’s inviting us to trust in His plan, His wisdom, and His love.

So, whenever life becomes overwhelming, I remember those words: “Leave it to Me.”

It’s a reminder that I can find peace and guidance by surrendering my worries to a higher power.

And in that surrender, I discover a profound sense of faith and resilience that carries me through even the toughest of times.

I find not only rest but also the profound wisdom that comes from leaving it to God.



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