Unwind and Recharge

How to Actually Relax on Your Next Vacation

Aeyrel Twone
3 min readJul 30, 2023
Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

Hey, guys! So, let’s talk about something we all crave on vacation — some good old relaxation time! I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like we’re racing from one place to another, trying to check off everything on our travel list. But hold up, isn’t the whole idea of a vacation to kick back and recharge? So, let me spill the beans on my secrets for actually relaxing on your next trip and soaking up those precious moments away from the daily grind. Let’s do this!

Alright, listen up! First things first, forget about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Seriously, you won’t be missing out on life if you take a chill pill and live in the moment. It’s so tempting to cram everything into your vacation, but let’s be real, it’s not about ticking boxes. Embrace the notion that it’s totally cool to skip a few things — the world ain’t going anywhere, and you’ll have way more energy to savor the experiences you actually go for. Trust me, it’s gonna be awesome!

Next, let me drop some wisdom on ya! After all the sightseeing and adventure, make sure to carve out some “me time.” I get it, you’re pumped to explore every inch of this place, but take a breather too! Whether it’s chilling by the pool, reading a book at a cute café, or just strolling on the beach, these little pockets of relaxation are just as crucial as all the touristy stuff. Trust me, it’s the perfect balance for an epic vacation!

Ah, the joy of disconnecting! Let’s chat about unplugging and living in the moment! I know we’re glued to our phones and cameras these days, but here’s the scoop: the universe won’t implode if we take a break from tech. Challenge yourself to disconnect during your vacay. Yeah, those Insta-worthy shots can wait! Instead, soak in the beauty around you and bond with your travel buddies — it’s gonna be way more rewarding, I promise!

Now, let’s talk about self-care. It’s time to put ourselves first and go all out on self-care! Treat yo’ self like the rockstar you truly are! How? Well, how about a luxurious spa day to unwind, savoring some lip-smacking local goodies, or catching up on some solid beauty sleep? This vacation is all about nourishing your mind, body, and soul, so don’t hold back on spoiling yourself silly with some well-deserved tender loving care! You deserve it!

Last but not least, be present. Here’s a game-changer tip: be in the moment! Take a chill pill, breathe it all in, and soak up the sheer beauty around you. Engage all your senses — see the vibrant colors, smell the fragrances, and hear the sweet sounds. We get so wrapped up in capturing every second on our cameras that we miss out on truly living the experience. So, don’t be shy to put that camera down occasionally and let those moments leave a lasting mark on your heart. Memories over snapshots, my friend!

There you have it. Here’s the lowdown on how to nail that relaxation game on your next vacay. First, chill out and drop the stress of doing everything. Embrace some well-deserved downtime and don’t be afraid to take a break from technology. Treat yourself like royalty — spa day, local treats, and all. And most importantly, be present and soak up every single moment. So, go out there and unwind like a boss! Bon voyage and happy unwinding!



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